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This dive is suited to more expert divers, since to be fully appreciated, the minimum depth is around 30 meters.


Descending along the buoy, we head west until we come to the submerged extension of the mountain, where the Mayor's House is located. Here we leave the wall and fin toward the deep sea (south-west) until we reach, at a depth of 30 meters, a very large rim that descends toward greater depths. Here we find the great fans of the red gorgonian (Paramuricea Clavata), upon which we can admire numerous dogfish eggs, which are sometimes called Mermaid's Purses. In this area, toward the west, the more expert divers with licenses qualifying them to exceed depths of 40 meters can continue to approximately 50 meters to view a branch of black false coral (Gerardia savaglia). This is one of the few locations on the promontory where this organism is found.
Returning toward the wall, we can also explore the light sand canyon that divides the rim of the wall. This is also found at a depth of about 30 meters.
We end the dive on the wall below the Mayor's House.

Difficulty: intermediate/difficult, Seabed: landslide