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After descending along the curve to a depth of 20 meters, we head to the west across a large landslide that covers an area from 35 meters up to 10 meters.


The landslide features large cracks and cavities rich in red coral (Corallium Rubrum), while the walls in the current offer beautiful branches of red gorgonian (Paramuricea Clavata). Also common here are groupers, moray eels, sea breams, corvinas and conger eels. Reascending to a depth of 15-18 meters, we return to the east using the wall of the promontory on our left as a point of reference. Moving along at 15 meters, we encounter the entrance to a large cave, which is partially blocked by a large boulder. The cave, full of delightful plays of light, extends to the surface, where there is siphon. Exiting the cave, we end our dive by swimming a few meters to east to meet up with the buoy.

Difficulty: intermediare, Seabed: landslide