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This dive takes place along the wall running from 25 to 45 meters, surmounted by a plateau that is completely covered by Poseidonion beds.


The considerable depths and the position of the buoy on a seabed at 18 meters, a short way from the submerged cliff we're going to visit, requires confidence in descending into the blue and skill in limiting consumption.
The base of the surface buoy rests on a detrital seabed that slopes slightly toward the center of S. Fruttuoso bay: this slope is the only initial point of reference that helps us reach the base of the wall, which takes a few minutes.
The bottom appears to lack attractive features, but in truth it is rather common to stumble across lonely specimens of white gorgonian (Eunicella verrucosa and E. singularis). The color of these gorgonians-the first is more branched while the second resembles a slender candelabra-is conferred by the microscopic algae (zooxanthellae) that live in symbiosis with the polyps of the Eunicella.
We finally reach the wall at a depth of 40 meters, and here we can begin to explore the deep rocky cracks rich in coral (Corallum Rubrium) crowned by majestic red gorgonians (Paramuricea Clavata). Moray, scorpion fish, conger eels, spiny lobsters and nudibranches are the wall's typical inhabitants.
Dive times now require us to return to shallower depths. We reach the edge of the wall by ascending along a gully.
At 25 meters, the environment has already completely changed: luxuriant fronds of Poseidonion blanket the new seabed that rises more or less gently up to 20 meters. When visibility is good, we can admire the thrilling spectacle of the blue depths below from the edge, while large schools of dassies, brown Ray's bream, and sea bream swim nearby.
At approximately 18 meters, the Poseidonion meadow gives way to a less noble vegetation, consisting largely of green algae, including the Codium bursa which, because of its typically spheroid and slightly depressed shape, can easily be confused with a sponge.
Heading back, we can spend the last minutes of the dive among the numerous boulders found between 10 and 15 meters.
If visibility is poor and we can't make it back to the buoy, we can conclude the dive in the little bay. Once we reach the surface the boat is only a short swim away.

Difficulty: intermediate, Seabed: wall