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We begin our descent along the buoy chain, and once we reach a depth of 18-20 meters, we set off to the east, moving around two large rocks where large resident groupers are common. We swim to the west through an alluring landscape between the two rocks at approximately 24 meters.


Continuing in the same direction, we cross a wide landslide featuring numerous caves and recesses rich in red coral (Corallium rubrum), followed by a long section in which there are frequent encounters with moray eels, conger eels, groupers, schools of dassies, and corvinas. Ascending, we return eastward following a rock plateau running from 12 to 18 meters until we reach the point, where a ridge descends abruptly toward the bottom, and we can admire large red gorgonians (Paramuricee).

This point is usually characterized by a sustained current that favors the presence of migratory fish such as sea breams, amberjacks, giltheads, and bass, as well as the usual groupers attracted by the presence of numerous octopuses.The dive concludes near the point, where we swim around a reef typified by the spectacular flowering of the yellow cluster anemones (Parazoanthus) and by the presence of a multitude of fish of every species.

Difficulty: medium/difficult, Seabed: wall cliffs